Wednesday, December 07, 2011

MuroVenezia Rialto: Venice, Italy

MuroVenezia is located in Sestiere San Polo, a plaza near the picturesque Rialto Bridge.  After a bit of bumbling confusion, wandering inside MuroVenezia, we were told that only outside seating was available, so we got a chance to sit outside in the plaza.  It was quite a lovely day out: sunny, mid-seventies, so we certainly did not mind:

We were served bread and were provided Balsamic vinegar, only when we asked (this seemed to be a common occurrence on our trip.  So strange how our expectations for Italian restaurants differs so much from this.)

In my notes, I note "bread is dry and pretty crumbly.  The balsamic vinegar is interesting, almost like the flavor of a tart grope [sic]."  I think I meant grape, but to amp up the interest level of my writing, let's go with tart grope, shall we?  

In hindsight, I view my note with even more sardonicism, since we went on a highly educational food tour while in Bologna later in the trip and got to taste the real deal Aceto Balsamico.  Needless to say, this and most Balsamic vinegars are cheaper, commercial versions (as comforting as I still find them).

Risotto with tomatoes, white fish - Not bad at all.  Risotto, more on the mushier side, but its flavor was mainly that of the fish, reminiscent of a flavors of comfort-food stew.

Tagliolini con granchio fresco - Hrmm.  I thought this was what I ordered, but translating that (Noodles with fresh crab), that's not quite right.  It's close though - there were artichoke hearts, tomatoes and scallops on top of noodles.  The egg noodles tasted strangely similar to the Cantonese egg noodles, except much much fresher and instilled with the flavor of the scallops.  The scallops were nicely cooked and tender and the artichoke hearts were served cooked as well.

Venice is not known to be a foodie city; in fact, it's more known for restaurants that overprice mediocre food.  So in light of that, we found this to be a pretty satisfying meal.

Muro Venezia Rialto
Campo Bella Vienna, Rialto, San Polo 222, 30125 Venezia, Italia (Map)
041 24 12 339

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