Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Grom : Venice, Italy

The first of our many, many gelatos during our trip was at Grom, a chain with locations across Italy and in select other cities (NY, Paris, Tokyo, Osaka, Malibu).  It offers a modern warm interior with seats and strangely tables that bounce when you push on them.  (Maybe you can put them in a suped up car with mega shocks?)

Hazelnut / Ricotta with Almond / Raspberry Sorbet
Hazelnut - caramel-like flavor, followed by hazelnut flavor.
Ricotta with Almond - pretty subtle flavor, almost like vanilla
Raspberry Sorbet - A little less tart than usual

The cone itself, like many other cones has much less sugar than the cones in the U.S., to the point where if there was any less sugar, we could have been eating a crunchy cardboard cone for all that I knew.

This was not bad. The gelato was slightly creamier in texture than an ice cream and more true to the flavors of the original ingredient than an ice cream generally tend to be, but if my one experience with Gelato was this one, I'd ask what's the big deal with gelato?   (In hindsite I get it, but this isn't the place to intro a gelato newbie to.)

Sestiere Cannaregio, 3844 30121 Venezia, Italia (Map)
Multiple Locations

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