Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Osteria da Bacco : Venice, Itally

Despite such a light meal at Caffe Brasilia, we did not find ourselves all that hungry for dinner.  As a result, we ended up just stopping again at a random cafe for a sandwich snack, this time at a bar called Osteria da Baco.

The place seemed fairly lively, though it was tough to really tell with it being so close to the main tourism plaza, Piazza San Marco.

Focaccia with arugula, brie and prosciutto
Decent ingredients, with the arugula being particular prevalent in the flavor (it made me want to use arugula more in my own sandwiches) and satisfying bread.  But I got the feeling a lot of this was just due to the  higher availability of better quality ingredients in Italy, rather than anything these guys did.

Yes, it's a small data point, but chances are if we were to return to Venice, I'd want us to seek out other places to try out.

Osteria da Bacco
Di Angiolin Franco Castello 4620 Venezia IT

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