Monday, November 14, 2011

Caffe Brasilia : Venice, Italy

I'm kicking off my return from my hiatus with what I'm most excited to write-up: our trip to Italy.

Our first meal was a small, out-of-the-way cafe in Venice that we were passing by and happened to stop in.

Like other cafes there, this was also a wine bar / deli / juice bar in one.  And since it was off-the-beaten path away from the more crowded plazas of Venice, we figured this might be a more local favorite of sorts.

We went for a light meal, eating at the tables just outside of the cafe.  There wasn't much for scenery, per se, with the exception of peering down the unique, narrow Venetian streets:

As mentioned before, the place was off the beaten path, so it was wonderfully quiet and a much, much needed breather of a relaxed meal here.  We were served by a friendly, charming older gentleman, who seemed a bit bemused by our initial indecision of what to order.

Beef sandwich on dark bread w/ Arugula & Mayo

Ham, hot peppers, red peppers cooked in oil, mayo

Both sandwiches were simple and extremely light, but satisfying with fresh ingredients.  Pretty much all that you'd hope for and expect out of a local cafe.

We also ordered a couple of juices out of curiosity:

Carrot, Ginger, Orange & Lemon

Pineapples, kiwi, lemon

The drinks taste were just those particular ingredients blended up: fresh and without much if any sugar.  The carrot, ginger, orange and lemon had a particularly and refreshingly tart flavor to it.

Certainly, this was a simple and nice way to kick the trip off.

Cafe Brasilia 
Near Campo Stefano (I believe it was 3 blocks north and 1 block east of Campo Stefano.  Hate to add to the vague address that seem to plague Venice tourbooks, but I'm not sure I'd be able to find this again if I had to)
Venice Italy


  1. My daughters and I were just it! The bartenders were great and made our evening there so much fun...we had so much fun we went back the next afternoon with some friends and had a great time. Wonderful wine and coffee.

  2. Great bar! I popped down there every morning (from our hotel Ca' Alvise) during our stay. Chatted in Italian with the barista Matteo and loved the cappuccinos.

    Bel bar! Ho andato li ogni giorno (da nostro hotel Ca' Alvise) durante la nostra visita. Ho parlato con la barista Matteo che era gentile e ho amato i cappuccini.