Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Bar Pasticceria Chiusso : Venice, Italy

For those who have never visited, the first thing people generally envision of Venice is the grand canal and sure, it is definitely picturesque and unique.  But in reality, the heart of the personality of Venice seems to draw from the pedestrian-only, labyrinthine, narrow, meandering streets that intermittently cross with the smaller canals.  It's bedevillingly charming to take an early mornign stroll through these passageways and push out into the quieter, less tourist-laden areas, where day-to-day life occurs.

That's how we started the morning and we ended up randomly stopping in Bar Pasticceria Chiusso.

It's a small, friendly cafe, serving up a small selection of pastries.  You drink coffee/eat standing at the counter.  When we entered, a fellow traveler, who seemed to have a basic grasp of Italian, seemed to be practicing her Italian with the friendly barista.

I'm not a coffee guy, but I figured we were in Italy...

Cappucino - pretty darn black, without much creme and no sugar.  When I do drink coffee, this is how I prefer it.  

Almond pastry w/ almond paste

Croissant w/ Apricot Jam

Well, given that our last trip was to France, a small random pasticceria is not going to quite compare in terms of quality of pastries.  But given that, these pastries satisfied us that morning. They were not overly sweet and had a decent lightness to them.

I don't think of this being a foodie stop per se, but it certainly was a nice way to get a taste of the normal life here.

Bar Pasticceria Chiusso

3306, Castello, Venezia, VE 30122 Italia (Map)

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