Friday, July 01, 2011

Siam Square Thai Cuisine : Smyrna

I will give Siam Square one thing.  It has a very tastefully decorated interior.

As for the food, well. The flavors tended towards the Americanized and the cooking just wasn't all that great.

Zesty Calamari
Battered, deep-fried calamari, slathered with a sauce, similar to a sweet and sour sauce.  The batter itself was fairly light, which was nice.  But deep-fried stuff is best served immediately and despite us being one of the only people in the restaurant, this inexplicably came out luke-warm and half-soggy from the sauce.

Fiery Snapper (Basil Sauce) - Whole Red Snapper deep-fried and topped with stir-fried minced chicken & shrimp, onions, bell peppers, home-made chili paste, fresh basil leaves
We were not so thrilled with this one.  They just seemed to deep-fry the heck out of the fisha and then dump the sauce on it, hoping it would rehydrate the well dried out meat.

Thai iced tea
The one thing we did think was okay here.  Probably not that much different than thai ice teas elsewhere, at least it was not bad.

The summary: we'll be going to other Thai places in the area.

Siam Square Thai Cuisine
1995 Windy Hill Road Southeast Smyrna, GA 30080-2349 (Map)
(770) 333-1700‎

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