Monday, June 27, 2011

Rathbun's : Atlanta

Note: this is a review of a very dated dining experience - this is from restaurant week back in Sept 2010.

We're aware that well- known restaurants can get slammed during restaurant week, but man, this was ridiculous.  We had a reservation, but ended up having to wait for 25 minutes for a table.  It was all good, nothing a drink at the equally crowded bar couldn't help out with.

We finally got seated at the table, which we thought was in a peculiar location, essentially straddling the boundary line of waiting area/bar and the inside dining area.

We did like the table center piece, green puff balls, very reminiscent of something from a Dr. Seuss book.

Anyhow, the waiter stopped with a complimentary dish, since we had to wait so long:

Yaya eggplant fries
Eggplant with batter, touch of powdered sugar, tobasco dipping sauce -  We're glad we didn't pay for this.  While it was light in texture and not that oily, the extreme saltiness of the dish ruined this for us.   Actually, the saltiness was a recurring theme here.  Strangely, it seemed like even the bread was slightly salty.

Krog Street Mozarella, vine ripe tomatoes, basil and balsamic vinegar
How can you mess this up?  Mozarella had a dense texture, but just was almost devoid of flavor (think eating a very firm tofu).  Tomatoes are your somewhat standard tomatoes, which that I've had sweet delightful tomatoes I've had from farmer's markets puzzles me why they cannot source them here.  Fairly light on the balsamic.  And what the... more salt?

I keep on forgetting not to order seafood in Atlanta. I think this is probably as fresh as you can get in Atlanta, but on an absolute scale of seafood freshness, skip this one.

Not bad, the texture of the fish strangely reminded me of that of scallops, which I couldn't really tell was a good thing or not.  Brussels sprouts decent, but again on the saltier side.

Pork chop
The parts of the pork that were cooked were not bad, however, the grilled crust of the meat was overly salted and the inside portion of the meat were still  pink inside and got to the point I was spitting out meat, since it was unchewable.   Artichoke hearts a bit overcooked and mushy

Double chocolate cupcake
Probably the one dish of our meal that was solid.  The little brown balls that tasted like chocolate covered choco-crisps.  The cupcake was topped with whipped cream and the cake was moist and had a good chocolate flavor to it.

We felt rather let down by this place.  First and most importantly, the food was just so-so.  Yes, we recognize that it's restaurant week, but some of our most memorable meals have been at restaurants during restaurant week.  It is doable.

Secondly, our waiter was not available when we needed him.  Remember that saltiness I mentioned above?  Well, we needed a few refills of water during the meal and because it was so busy and because of the odd location of the table, I suspect our waiter just did not see us.

With Rathbun's, that makes three higher-end much-buzzed Atlantan restaurants that seem more hype than content, the other two being Abbatoir and Flip Burger.

Suite R, 112 Krog Street Atlanta, GA 30307-5519 (Map)
(404) 524-8280

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