Thursday, June 16, 2011

Little's Grill : Cabbagetown

I suspect those with a penchant for romanticizing the past will find Little's Grill to have a charming atmosphere, especially for those who live in the neighborhood.

But to me, this just reminded me of the small town Main Street corner store where appearances and old furniture were kept around more out of inertia than anything else.

Regarding their market offerings, minus some specialty Popsicles, I was rather disappointed in not finding a  quirkier selection of products on the shelves. It did not veer off the path of the brands familiar to those who've visited a gas station or mini mart.

As for the grill, which was the real reason for our visit.  Well, I can't say that we were all that impressed there either.

Snappy Dog - My fiancee went a bit crazy with the toppings, ordering every possible topping they offered.  "That's a new one" the guy behind the counter replied.  Strangely even with those toppings, this just did not seem that different than well a backyard barbecue hot dog (with every single topping possible :).

Banh mi - pork - Obviously not your standard banh mi, with grilled pork meat, instead of the cold-cuts. The meat was way overly charred, giving a char flavor to every bite, overwhelming any flavors of the pickled ingredients or bun.

Deep-fried pickles - Every time I have gotten deep-fried pickles, they just come across as being very salty. I think the sourness of the pickles and the salt that is added is very front focused on the tongue and in terms of timing of the flavor, doubling that feeling. Maybe that's why people like these things, but both of us were not fans of the fried pickles. (And the fiancee really really likes pickles.)

I know this place gets love, but I just don't get it.  The market doesn't seem to offer anything all that personable or unique and the grill, while offering hot and fresh dishes, just didn't connect to us beyond something that might hit the spot after drinking.

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