Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Las Brasas : Decatur

Oops, we got to Las Brasas a bit late: around 9pm or so.  They close at 9:30.

For some reason, I thought this was one of the fancier of the Peruvian places in Atlanta.  In actuality, the inside is just a tiny take-out counter.  There are tables outside; however, since it was so late, they had packed up the chairs.

The other reason to get there earlier is so you can get there right after they've finished cooking the chickens; we were told that they regular batch their chickens at: 11:30am, 3pm, 5pm, & 7pm.    At 9pm or so, their selection was getting pretty lonely: they only had a couple pieces of breast/wing meat and few corn cobs left, so that's what we ordered.

Roast Chicken
Darker parts of the meat were quite juicy.  Lightly flavored skin with salt, pepper and some other spice I couldn't quite place.  The salad was relatively fresh and was served with some balsamic vinegrette.  The corn  cobs had been buttered up and you could tell it had been cooked for quite some time, since the kernals just popped off really easily.

Considering we came in so late, the food was still surprisingly decent, but imagining if the chicken came out fresh, I probably would not make the drive here to visit Las Brasas as a sole destination.  I mean, really, while it's good, roasting a tasty chicken is not that challenging; it just takes some time, patience and care.  

That being said,  if I'm in the area, particularly around the times that they come out with their freshly roasted chicken, I can't guarantee I won't be in line waiting to order.

Las Brasas
310 East Howard Avenue Decatur, GA 30030 (Map)
(404) 377-9121

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