Monday, June 20, 2011

Ege Sushi : Marietta

I've been progressing through my backlog, but this weekend had too good of a dining time to wait, so let's kick it off with Ege Sushi:

I heard about Ege Sushi, when reading a comment made on Besha Redell's Creative Loafing response to Kim Serverson (a former New Yorker, who bemoaned the state of dining in Atlanta.)

The commenter, benhallen, referenced two other places, which I enjoy greatly: Tasty China and Mercado Acapulco (or at least I would like to believe.), so I figure the third, Ege Sushi would be worthwhile checking out and it was a certainly a solid sushi place.

As mentioned in the comment, it's in a strip mall.

And for the special menus, they've got a two-side hand-written sheet with cute illustrations.

Salad - Fresh with not your standard Japanese dressing,

Tako Chanja - Spicyx3 cut Octopus w/ spicy sauce -
Not as much of a fan of this as my fiancee was. Thought the sauce was a bit overly sweet (reminding me slightly of Cha Shao sauce) and came across as a bit gummy.

Benitoro Takaki - Seared Fatty Salmon Sashimi w/ Green Salad + Ponzu
I love raw salmon (I could eat cold-smoked salmon every day probably) - I rather liked this one. Good quality salmon and that raw fish texture and flavor really melding well with the similar texture and complementary flavor of the kelp, as well as the lettuce and radish sprouts. Also, the ponzu reminded me of sauce made from sour plum, almost like sweetening something that was originally tart.

Spicy Tuna Roll (?) Sushi
Decent - not that memorable

Gyu-Tan - Grilled Beef Tongue
Nice black peppery flavor. Slightly overcooked, not quite as tender as could be, but did like these.

Chirashi - Sashimi of tuna, salmon, white fish meat, yellow tail, shrimp, octopus, squid, tanaga and Mackerel served bowl of sushi rice.
It was fantastic to be able to sample the different seafood offerings.  Our favorite were:
- The sea urchin - flavor is delayed, but once it hits, it hits with a savory and slightly sweet taste that's both familiar and pleasurable.
- The roe - with a texture that reminds me of the stickiness of a sunny-side egg yolk and the briny flavor of roe.
- Shrimp - Never had raw shrimp - this one was surprisingly sweet.
- Salmon - Actually preferred this over the fatty salmon - this one coming off with more of a strong salmon flavor.
And the rest were decent
- Scallop - Strangely reminding me of the smell that lingers in the seafood department of asian seafood shops and grocery stores. Yet somehow this spun it in a more positive light.
Tuna - solid but not as memorable as the others
Yellow tail - Same experience as the tuna
Squid - Nicely done - a good chrunch, but still easy to chew.
White fish - not really as much flavor as the others

I should also mention that the rice was just nicely cooked as well, something that despite our having tried for so long and so hard at home, we are still unable to do at home.

One final note.  So far as the sushi places in Atlanta that we've tried so far, this is our favorite. But I do get the feeling that since this is land-locked Atlanta, the seafood by necessity must be shipped from elsewhere and because of that overhead, there will always be a bound of what a decent sushi chef can do here.  Particularly, the sashimi pieces in the Chirashi, I kept on wondering what it would have tasted had the fish/seafood been caught the day of.

Ege Sushi
2100 Roswell Rd # 100 Marietta, GA 30062-0810
(770) 977-7690

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