Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Youtube: Jacque Pepin & Julia Childs videos

A few years ago, I caught a Julia Childs show with Jacque Pepin as a guest.  I believe it was the show where they were making different recipes with fish.

It was completely charming how off-the-cuff casual (yet indisputably knowledgeable) they were on the show, especially when compared to the spit-polished, rehearsed nature of cooking shows these days.

Anyways, I stumbled upon some Jacque Pepin and Julia Child videos on youtube, unfortunately not the one I referred to above, but certainly there is that charm and knowledge in these as well.

Jacque Pepin Omelettes

Julia Child on David Letterman.  Hilarious clip and a bit amusing how Letterman comes across as your standard American food Luddite now.

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