Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Zada Janes : Charlotte, North Carolina

On a bloody frickn hot day, my Dad, brother and I visited Zada Jane's for brunch.  We ended up parking diagonally across the intersection from Zada Jane's and I thought my shoes were going to melt off crossing over to the place.

Zada Janes is a very colorful place and seemed to be one of those quirky, local neighborhood favorite places.

It certainly was bustling when we came in on a Saturday.

Bunny Rancheros - Not quite sure why I ordered this one: whether it was for the name or whether I had a hankering for a breakfast burrito.  Either way, I think this was slightly disappointing.  The cheese sauce on top of the already heavy pork sausage was just stomach sticking stuff.  I didn't touch the tortillas at all-  for one they laid it on top of the cheese sauce, so it would have been messy to wrap and secondly, I think they contents would have been too saucy, and probably leaked.

Zada Janer Basic Breakfast - Fairly straightforward breakfast, although the sausage was pretty decent tasty.

Decent pancake, on the lighter and fluffier side.

South of NO North Omelette - A somewhat standard omelette.

Shrug, their brunch was decent, but in the end, not that memorable .

Zada Jane's Corner Cafe
1601 Central Avenue Charlotte, NC 28205 (Map)
(704) 332-3663‎

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