Monday, March 28, 2011

Oakwood Cafe : Forest Park

Oakwood Cafe is one of the two restaurants located at the Atlanta State Farmer's Market.

It focuses on Southern style food and on the Sunday I went, it was bustling.

So far as the food goes, I sprung for:

Barbecue Pork & Quarter Chicken - chosen sides of fried green tomatoes and fruit
I thought the fruit was the best part here, which were clearly fresh.  Given the wide supply of fresh produce available at the vendors a few steps away, I would hope this was a gimme.  The chicken, bbq pork and even the fried green tomatoes were like your standard somewhat throw-back rendition, common at a greasy diner.  I could also imagine being served this at a company barbecue.  Inoffensive familiar flavor, on the heavier side.

The same goes for the buttery dinner roll and muffin.

Service was friendly enough, a mix of the cafe and Southern hospitality.  I was called hun a few times.

I find it rather bizarre that such a cafe place, supposedly focusing on barbecue, would set up shop inside of the State Farmer's market, with its wide selection of fresh produce.  (My only guess is that it appeals to the taste-buds of the truckers and farmers?)  But it certainly had its fans dining there.  I just didn't happen to be one of them.

Oakwood Cafe
16 Forest Parkway Forest Park, GA 30297-2015 (Map)
(404) 214-5660‎

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