Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Liberté Yogurt - New yogurt obsession

I've previously mentioned my love for Fage yogurt (especially delicious with honey), but I always associate it with occasional treat occasions, since it seems so pricey.

Well, our local grocery store recently had samples of Liberté yogurt and much to my cynical mind's surprise, the stuff was quite good.

The yogurt is nowhere as thick as Fage and flavor-wise, adds a creaminess rather than just the straight-up tang of Mediterranean yogurt.   On top of that, the ingredients that provide the supplementary flavor are played relatively straight and do not have that cloying artificial flavor sameness that prevails in so many other yogurts.

For example, the lemon one has this delightfully freshing tartness to it.

The date and fig also was a charmer as well, the creaminess of the yogurt really playing well with the roundedness of the date and figs.

They were on sale this week and in comparison to the Fage yogurt, seems like a steal, so we ended up buying a bunch of different flavors.

And as a last fyi, it seems like the yogurt is made in Quebec, Canada, which may go to explaining why I find it much better than any of the American attempts at "Greek-style" yogurt.


  1. Liberte pro-biotic no fat yogurt - opened the yogurt to find it moldy before expiry date 5 times in the last 8 months. When it's good it's good but this is too much. I'm done with Liberte. Finally complained to the Canadian food Inspection Agency when it happened again today.

  2. @Anon, sorry to hear that. I'll have to keep an eye out for lack of quality control, but so far I've have luck with getting the good stuff.

    Have you actually tried to contact Liberte themselves? They'd probably be the most interested in hearing about yogurt gone bad, I would think.