Friday, February 18, 2011

Sea Shack : Hilton Head, SC

Having grown up in New England, I've long associated going to the beaches with deep-fried seafood shacks.  So heading to Savannah / Hilton Head / Tybee Island, I was happy to hear of the Sea Shack, a place that emphasized that same deep-fried goodness in a very casual setting.

We ended up ordering:

Conch Fritters - Decent, mainly I think for the flavored batter, more so than the taste of the conch.  Embarrassingly, even though I grew up in New England, this was something that I never really ordered much and was very curtly correctly when I mis-pronounced it "consh" instead of "conk."

Fried oysters, Fried shrimp poppers
My main issue with both the oysters and shrimp poppers was that it was less about the natural flavors of the seafood, but more so about the batter / other ingredients.  My main question is why?  If you're so close to the ocean, shouldn't you be showcasing your fresh seafood, instead of covering up the flavor with batter?

Fried okra - Some pieces were a overly-battered - I was hoping for more okra flavored than batter.
French fries - a bit overly potatoey

All in all, this place was decent, but not as satisfying as the fried clams in NE, where it is all about that unique briny flavor of the clams themselves, supplemented by not overwhelmed by the batter.

Sea Shack
6 Pope Avenue Hilton Head Island, SC 29928 (map)
(843) 785-2464

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  1. Those dishes look quite yummy to me. I’ll be sure to visit the Sea Shack some day.