Monday, February 28, 2011

Outback Cafe : Tybee Island, GA

Hrmm, we really should have read the updates to the original rec for Outback Cafe, before going, because those descriptions were spot on.  The place had a sign that said it did not have a server; in fact, there were no tables or chairs; rather we ventured in to a darkly-lit, local bar, located at a gas station.

Everyone else there was a local regular, as the bartender put it, "for the last 20 years."

But admittedly the bartender was accommodating to our presence and having that post-beach appetite, we ended up ordering a few dishes.   Sorry, no photos, as it was just too dark, the pictures just did not come out.

Fish taco (Grilled)
The tortilla was the standard supermarket style tortilla, but the tilapia was better than what you'd expect in a dark local bar.  Yes, Americanized, but certainly you could do much much worse.

Fried tilapia sandwich
Well, it was freshly fried and piping hot, which is much better than a number of other places can say.  It was actually the accompanying fries that stole our attention.  They really hit the spot after a day at the beach, a good ratio between potato, batter, and flavoring.

So this place was far from a place to come for the food.  That being said, the food was better than average for your local pub and it was somewhat charming to be able to peak behind the touristy curtains a bit and get a feel for the local personality.

Outback Cafe
725 1st Street Tybee Island, GA 31328 (Map)
(912) 786-7394

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  1. I’m sorry you don’t have some photos, but I understand the lack of light. I guess I would have enjoyed the fish taco. Thanks for the address.