Monday, February 14, 2011

Johnny Harris : Savannah, GA

Wow, this is a bit embarrassing.  I'm so backlogged, I am two seasons behind. These are from the summer; meanwhile, hopefully winter is finishing up.  (btw, Happy Valentine's day everyone)

Oh well.

My fiancee and I took a weekend trip to Savannah, Georgia.  The very first evening, we dined at Johnny Harris, a place which has been there since 1924.

And the interior indeed looks like a blast from the past.  Perhaps some would find the interior charming, but to us, it came across as more on the dated side.

Johnny Harris was recommended for their barbecue.

So we sprung for a barbecue oriented sampler:

1924 Sampler

This was composed of:
- Fried chicken, dark meat - relatively little flour in batter, thin crust.  More straightforward flavor.
- Ribs- luke warm, but tender, flavorful.  Not anything that different than other ribs I've tasted before, but decent.
- BBQ pork
- Stew - like a thick very meat oriented chili
- Toasted slices of white bread
- Steamed Broccoli
- Green beans

BBQ sauce had quite a bit of tang: citrusy/vinegar tang.

All in all this wasn't bad; but I don't think this would be a place I would visit again.  The flavors tended to be more straightforward and would probably appeal to most people.  I kind of wish though that more of the elements on the platter were served at a hotter temperature. It did feel like some of it had just been sitting around for some time.

Johnny Harris
1651 East Victory Drive Savannah, GA 31404-4139 (map)
(912) 354-7810‎

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