Monday, January 10, 2011

Inclement Weather

I am in a world, where the ground is white-colored crème brulée.

Atlanta just got slammed with 5 inches of fluffy snow, which was then topped off with freezing rain, forming a layer of one-inch layer of ice on top.

Every single foot-step is like a gigantic spoon tapping down on the burnt sugar, making satisfying crunching breaks in the ice.

In order to uncover my car, I had to tap-tap-crunch the ice out to uncover the underlying snow, which I then brushed off (and perhaps ate a little).

It's like being in a kid's book.  The one thing that jars me out of my imaginary fantasy-land is the thought of yellow snow.


Safe, prudent travels for those in the Atlanta area and for those in other areas, I dearly hope your weather is better.

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