Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Essex Seafood : Essex, MA

I was in the North Shore area of Massachusetts for a weekend and I, of course, could not let an opportunity of getting freshly deep-fried clams, go to waste.

So I checked out Essex Seafood, apparently one of a few places, to which locals like going.

And clams were what I was there for, so I ordered myself a large clam boat, which after getting, I realized was sized a bit bigger than for one person, especially since it's all deep-fried goodness.


Clam Boat
It was $15 for this thing, but it was good stuff.  The batter was on the dry and crumbly side with minimal oilyness, but the fresh clam flavors delivered. I was not as much of a fan as the onion rings, which dry flaky batter just made the onions seemed overly dry.  But you better believe I forced myself to eat every single last one of those clams.  

If I had a longer period of time in the area, I would have attempted to do a comparison of this versus the other known seafood places:  Clam Box of Ipswich, Woodman's of Essex, and Farnham's J&T's Seafood and Grill.  But alas, this taste-comparison will have to wait until another time, since I ran out of time and stomach-space to go any further.

Essex Seafood
143 Eastern Avenue Essex, MA 01929-1330 (Map)
(978) 768-7233‎

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