Monday, December 06, 2010

Random Waffle Shop : Bruges, Belgium

We got a chocolate covered Belgian waffle at a random waffle shop in Bruges.  Unfortunately the picture of the front didn't take for some reason, so I have no clue what the name of the shop was called.

But perhaps that's for the better.

The shop gave a feel that it was a fast-food waffle shop and that came across in the waffle itself.   It inexplicably had small chunks of sugar throughout the batter, while the flavor of the rest of the batter and the chocolate came off as if they had gone with the inexpensive ingredient choices.

Also, the waffle was not served that warm either.  Well, at least here's a pretty picture.

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  1. You actually were having what is called a "Liege" waffle. It's not a batter based waffle, but one that is made of yeast based dough studded with pearls of sugar. It's also oval shaped and not rectangular. Those chunks were the pearls of sugar. Some are supposed to melt and coat the outside while some are supposed to stay crunchy on the inside. B/c it was not freshly made and you weren't familiar with it, that's probably why you didn't like it. They're actually quite delicious and more popular in Belgium than the "Brussels" batter waffles. The last several years they've become very popular. See Bobby Flay vs. Wafels and Dinges. We actually are a new company manufacturing the dough in the US and supplying restaurants/cafes in the New York, Philly, DC, and Boston areas.