Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Noordzee : Brussels, Belgium

Noordzee was my favorite restaurant of this trip.  We liked this one so much, we went there twice and were considering a third trip.

Noordzee is essentially a seafood shack.  You stand at the counter/bar and order. They grill the seafood in front of you and you eat the dishes piping hot at the counter besides compatriot customers.   The seafood is fresh and they do a damn good job of cooking the dishes.  What more could you possibly want?

The first time we went, a Friday, the staff were clearly enjoying themselves, making jokes amongst themselves.  Our "waitress" who took our order, Juliette, was from Montreal, was very friendly and got a big kick out of us on our first visit.  Once we found out how good the food was, we kept on ordering dish after dish.

Fish flavored broth with a bit of kick.

Fried shrimp 
Nice.  Fresh shrimp, deep-fried perfectly, with a tartar sauce.  Yum.


Razor clams
Delicious stuff - juicy, and the perfect texture, not rubbery at all.

Tuna steak
I normally do not like most tuna steaks because of the meaty, tougher texture, but this was some good stuff, a nice mix of the grilled and the more raw textures.  With some pepper, salt and capers.

Grilled shrimp  (No photo for some reason)
Yum, yum yum.  Flavored with salt, pepper, and something that reminded me of a Spanish or mexican spice.

Sigh, I wish Atlanta was closer to the ocean for one and if it was, to have a place like this.

Rue Sainte-Catherine 45, 1000 Brussels, Belgium (Map)
02 513 11 92‎

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