Friday, December 03, 2010

Breydel deConine : Bruges, Belgium

Our original plan was to go to Den Djiver (based on a brief rec on Chowhound), but being in Bruges on a Thursday, found that it was closed.

Instead we stopped at Breydel deConine, solely based on the Michelin stickers on the door and ended up having quite a lovely lunch.

The interior was very quiet and very presentable to the point that I felt like the place was geared towards more well-off gourmet Foodies (with a capital F), like traveling Japanese tourists (we were initially asked if we wanted to see a Japanese menu).

But whether we were the target audience or not, we could appreciate the quality of the meal, which was consistently high from beginning to end.  I opted for the prix fix lunch for 35 Euros, which started off with the:

Asparagus with smoked salmon
Nicely cooked white asparagus, with a much lighter flavor than the green sibling.  Fresh smoked salmon with an eggs benedict-like sauce, contributing a slightly heavier texture to the lighter ingredients.  The chives on top added yet another flavor tint to the mix.  Overall, there were no novel ingredients or flavors here, but well done stuff.

This lobster was simply-put: outstandingly cooked.  And I'm from New England.

I'm still a bit begoggled how they got every part of the claw to be such a lovely texture, but the texture was just ideal in every way.    I'm forgetting the sauce that they had on it, but it was light and did not detract from the prime star ingredient of the dish.

Of course the dish came with frites, which were more like steak fries, but were highly enjoyable, since it seemed like they had been double fried, given them a satisfying crunch to the exterior of all of the fries.  

Just a random picture of the mayonnaise and aioli (I think?) sauces that we were dipping the frites in.

My lovely fiance was not as hungry and opted for just the eel (in addition to picking off some of the dinner I ordered).  The eel was eye-opening, cooked like it was a fish (i.e. it was tender and juicy throughout and the texture I associate with perfectly cooked fish)

I've never really had eel like this before, only the somewhat dryer, chewier smoked eel, either in sushi joints or from the can.

Strawberry Dessert
The creme in the center, by itself was a bit bland, but combined with the sweeter strawberry sauce and especially the slightly tart, but very flavorful strawberries, just a wonderful book-end to a really rather enjoyable meal.

Something about the quiet, restrained atmosphere made us be a bit caught off guard by the quality of the meal.  
This was perhaps the most understated yet solid meals of our Europe trip.

Breydel-De Coninc
Breidelstraat 24, 8000 Bruges, Belgium (Map)
050 33 97 46


  1. Enjoying reading your blog here. Happy holiday shopping to you and your blog readers.

  2. Thanks Ruthia, I appreciate your comment.