Monday, September 20, 2010

Il Primo Bacio Ristorante : Fontainebleau, France

I think it's safe to say that Americanized ethnic food or American fusion food is generally worse than the original culture that it is based on.  So whenever I visit "ethnic" food in another country, I never really know what to expect.   Will Italian food served in France be like Americanized Chinese joints in the US or does the higher level of dining expectations in France cause it to be actually decent?

Since I was on vacation in France and not actually living there, I will not be able to answer that question.  But this Italian restaurant in Fontainebleau France certainly had better food than your standard equivalent in the US.

? - Don't remember the name, but this was some pasta in an Alfredo-type creamy sauce with bits of ham.  I think the bits of ham were the most memorable portion of the dish, they being salted ham bits instead of the baked ham more commonly found here in the U.S.  The noodles and sauce were decent and a cut above the standard, overly heavy sauce found here.

Potato / Chevre / Mozzarella / beef pizza - I actually rather enjoyed this. Quality ingredents, not that expensive and I certainly found that the potato / chevre combination to be a rather satisfying one.

I didn't actually have much of the ice cream dessert, so won't comment on it.

In recent days, I've actually had cravings for the potato / chevre pizza.  Can anyway recommend a place in Atlanta that serves something this?

As for Il Primo Bacio, this place goes in the column for decently done ethnic.

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