Monday, September 13, 2010

Creperie Josselin : Paris, France

One of the fondest memories I had on our first trip to Paris was of the magnificent lightness and damn fine ingredients put into a decent crepe. So one of our first goals was to try out a few creperies.

First up: Creperie Josselin.

The decor had a nice warmness to it. I'm not sure if it was my jet-lag, the culture-shock of it being the first day in France or the confusion still over getting pick-pocketed, but the interior was inexplicably ringing the bells of non-authenticity in my head, resulting in a bit of cognitive dissonance. I knew I was in Paris and that this place could very well have been around for quite a long time, but every time I looked at the cross beams running along the ceiling, I kept on thinking of the Dutch settlement, Solvang, outside of LA or other similar touristy reconstructions of old-world cultures.

Anyhow, it was inherently obvious how to dispel mental confusion.  With a bit of alcohol.   We ordered the cider and rather enjoyed it.  It was like a very light, slightly alcoholic apple cider that just went down very smoothly.

And the crepes were wonderful.

Chestnut Cream - Simple, but delicious.  A light crepe, filled with a jam-light filling, made of chestnuts.  The chestnuts lend a nice almost neutral flavor to the crepe, not overly sweet as jams tend to be in the U.S., but definitely flavorful.

House named crepe - Ham, cheese, mushroom - Fabulously light crepe, ham not the usual cold-cuts that you find in the States.  This had a slightly preserved/salted taste.  Just lovely stuff

I tried to think of this meal as the first real meal in Paris and certainly, this was a decent way to kick things off in Paris: simple, but well-executed, with quality ingredients and satisfying.  We hoped things would only get better meal-wise from here.

Creperie Josselin
67 Rue du Montparnasse, 75014 Paris, France‎ (Map)
01 43 20 93 50‎


  1. Le Josselin and Le Petit Josselin are two of the most adored creperies in Paris by locals - absolute authenticity. We go every time my family and I are there visiting. There is nothing fake or "Solvangy" about either of their restaurants -

  2. I had the pleasure of going to Le Petit Josselin in September. It was recommended to my sister when she was in France. She, in turn, recommended it to me. The salted caramel dessert crepe will be the thing I remember for the rest of my life. Savory crepes were very good as well. Thanks for reviving a happy memory!