Wednesday, September 08, 2010

The Chicken Lady : Paris, France

The food source: a marche in Paris...

The content: chicken from the chicken lady. As suggested by David Leibowitz and others.

The dining setting: a bright sunny day, eating the chicken on a shady bench by the River Seine.

As bright and sunny as these photos are, I will note that this certainly was far from my best vacation.  My first experience back in Paris, I was pick-pocketed. (Yes, I had known about the issue before; I was just running on 0 hours sleep.)

And the first meal?  Well, despite the very positive reviews above from folks that know their stuff, it was a bit disappointing.

We ordered a couple of legs with jus.  Despite the juice, the inner parts were just on the dry side, such that we just did not find it all that enjoyable.

As a disclaimer, we know zero French, so it is completely possible that we somehow mis-ordered.  Perhaps we ordered from the wrong side of the booth? Or perhaps ordered the older legs that had dried out (they had multiple legs with different prices)?

Whatever the issue was, it was a rocky start to the trip.

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