Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Tacconelli's : Philadelphia

Tacconelli's has been on my to-try list for 3 years and we finally took the initiative to figure out the how-to-get-there part, which is not as straightforward, since it's a good 15-20 minutes northeast of Center City and sans car, necessitates the Market-Frankfort subway line and a transfer to the 54 bus through some not-so-nice areas.  And then we hopped on the 54 bus the wrong direction and getting off in a somewhat uncomfortable neighborhood, before getting onto the 54 going back.  Oops.

Tacconnelli's is located in a neighborhood, probably 15 or so blocks away from the sketchier area, yet strangely has a drastically quieter, more peaceful vibe to it.  And certainly the presence of some Benz's and Beamers parked near Tacconnelli's inexplicably assuaged our yuppier senses.

So, yes, you have to call and schedule your dough.  Some think it's a marketing ploy; the restaurant says it is to set a fixed limit on the usage of their old oven.  (There was some article on the wall, which said the oven was from the early 1900's.)

White pizza with tomatoes and sausage - I managed to convince my fiancĂ©, not a fan of white pizza, to order the white pizza, citing some article recommending it.  And despite her initial hesitation, she ended up liking it and I did too.   The crust was very thin and with the salt and pepper, tasted kind of like a salty pita chip by itself.  The cheese was just good stuff and the tomatoes and sausage were also fairly decent quality. My only qualm was that it seemed to me that they used garlic powder, instead of garlic.

Certainly not fancy gourmet pizza, but some good stuff.

Sadly, unless some unexpected trip comes about, this dries up the last of my Philadelphia posts.  I do miss the town a lot, but I do have some posts in store from some fun random locations coming up.

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