Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Machu Picchu : Charlotte, NC

Perhaps it was coming with extremely low expectations for being a somewhat random dining pick, but Machu Picchu was one of the better Peruvian dining experiences I have had.

That previous statement comes with a disclaimer.

* if only comparing to the limited Peruvian places I've tried in the U.S.

That's umm: 1) Contigo Peru: Atlanta , 2) Cora Cora: Hartford, 3) Piolin: Hartford,  4) Furia Chalaca.   A whopping four places.

(And that does not include Machu Pichu in Somerville, which was not such a good dining experience at all, but one I tried well before this blog was started.  That also does not include meals in Peru, but that also occurred well before this blog and is an obvious-to-the-point-of-brain-dead argument.)

Despite the unassuming exterior, the inside was tasteful and more than presentable.

And the food and drink seemed to match the decor, which made me happy that my Dad was there to try out some very decent Peruvian.

Chicha morado - I've never tried this before and our waitress, a bit shaky on English, only briefly described it as being made from corn. Being purple and tasting almost like mulling cider, perhaps nutmeg?, corn would be one of my last guesses for ingredients. (See wikipedia for more info.)

Chilcano - a fish stew - very nice, fresh fish, stew nicely done, light, but a flavor of the fish with cilantro. Good stuff.

Aji de gallina - A cream / eggy tasting sauce, over chicken, potatoes, slivers of red peppers. An olive, half a hard boiled egg.  All familiar flavors, but executed with care.

Ceviche de mariscos - Very solid as well, the lime sauce more subtle than just a straight up pure lime juice, almost as if there was some mystery ingredient smoothening out the back end of the sauce. Some of the pieces of seafood a bit hard (mostly octopus), but most of it was pretty decent.

This was a satisfying experience and were this closer, I would try this out again.

Machu Picchu
4715 East Independence Boulevard Charlotte, NC 28212-5303 (Map)
(704) 909-7104

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