Monday, June 07, 2010

Coisas do Brasil : Marietta

This place has definitely become a favorite and could easily be the place we have frequently the most in the Atlanta area.

We've gotten into the habit of trying out some of their sides, which are generally tasty.  The only hesitation I have in completely recommending them is that I get the feel they can be sitting there for a few hours, though to be fair they tend to nuke the things so that they are served warm .

Salgados (?) - litterally translated as salted - I guess because they are more savory pastries.

This one below had a combination of some pulled meat and corn nibblets.

This one, looking like a pear, is filled with meat and some sort of lighter cheese (not what I would have expected from this one, but still tasty in an approachable way).

Torta de Frango - Chicken Pie - sorry I don't recall what my thoughts were on this one.

Prato Feito - Ready to Eat Dishes 
Insanely cheap - 5.99 per platter  Prefer the steak than the pork, but just good food.  Nice warm bed of rice (not dry) over hidden beans (also not over-cooked).  Decent steak.  A salsa like mix of fresh tomatoes, onions and green peppers.  And an interesting dry mix - almost like breading with bits of dried meat (like a moister jerky) than was fun to mix with the rice and beans.


With the streak I seem to be on with grocery stores serving decent meals and now this, hell, perhaps I should just focus my dining efforts on ethnic grocery stores.

I definitely got the odd eye at Coisas do Brasil.  Not only was I the only non-Portuguese speaker in the place, but I was also dressed up in my work clothes.

What I think I respond to at places like this is that they focus on executing a simple dish extremely well.

Fried pork -  There's something absolutely lovely about getting piping hot, decently cooked beans with hot rice. If I did not before, it was nice to be reminded of why so many people in Latin and South America do the rice and beans combination.

As for the pork, it was thinly cut (or pounded perhaps?) such when fried, the almost flat edges gave a slight crackle.  It was simply and sufficiently flavored with salt.   I added a touch of hot sauce, which despite being a different texture and color, tasted a bit like tobasco hot sauce with a deeper backend.  The accompanying red beets gave a slight tangyness and change-up in texture that nicely complemented the meat, rice and beans.  Just a solid, meal.

I sure hope they don't mind me returning.

Coisas do Brasil
1480 Terrell Mill Rd SE Marietta, GA 30067-6050 (map)
(770) 541-7778


  1. You should also go to Brazilian Bakery Cafe on 1260 Powers Ferry Rd. They are more of a cafe style, but you'll be pleased.
    Advice: Save room for desert! It's awesome and you choose the size of the slice... how good can it get?
    I'm from Brazil and whenever I feel homesick, I go to Coisas do Brasil or to this place.

  2. @D and Ds BB, sweet, thanks for the tip. I will try it out when I get time.