Thursday, April 15, 2010

Vatica : Marietta

My brother and I stumbled into Vatica fifteen minutes before it closed. I felt terrible about this, but there were other parties still dining there and the owner (?) said it was okay, so long as we finished in ten minutes.

He's one of those guys, who you can't really tell is kidding or not until he follows up on his comment.  He usually is.

This time and the last time I ate here, he joked around a lot. He's quite a funny character, one of the reasons to regular this place.

Anyways, that was a long winded story to explain why it looks like they're closed in the following picture.  We walked out afterwards and well, they were closed.   Tada!

The other reason to visit this place is that they serve some solid food.  Whether it is vegetarian or not, I certainly did not notice.  It's satisfying, tasty and there's a good variety.

We both ordered the platters, where you give you a palette of dishes and a server regularly come by with a cart to see if you want to refill on any of the dishes.  

I'm rather clueless as to the names and some of the ingredients, but some of the dishes were:

Okra w/ cumin and some spice (cardamom?)
Okra, cauliflower chunks, cacti(?)
Yogurt, carrots, onions - we both really, really loved this
Soup - cumin and something sweet like a brown sugar

Anyways, this isn't mind-blowing stuff, but of all of the places near me, this may very well be one of my favorites.  It's just good food and fun company.

Vatica Indian Vegetarian Cuisine
1475 Terrell Mill Road Marietta, GA 30067-6049 (Map)
(770) 955-3740‎

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