Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Taco T : Smyrna

Taco T! Taco T!   What a great name.

It could stand for Taco Time.  Taco Trip!   Umm, Taco (Mr.) T!

Anyways, the place is pretty cozy, with 4 tables inside, two outside and a single hostess/waitress/cashier.

While not as scrumptious as what I remember L1000000 to be, this fortunately has wrested the top local taco spot away from El Pollo Loco.   Geez, it's about time.

Lengua, Pork, Al Pastor (?) -  decent tortillas, on the smaller side, but packed with meat.  Decent meat, the lengua didn't really compare those at Mega Taco, but the pork and al pastor were decent.

Barbacoa, Discade - Barbacoa kind of tasting similar to the Al Pastor in flavor, but hells bells man, this was decently cooked meat, fresh cilantro, onions, lime and satisfying salsa in convenient squeeze bottles.

If you were curious, yes, I ordered the second two tacos, after I polished off the first three and still felt hungry.  

When I paid the bill, the waitress, smiling, asked me whether I liked tacos.    I sheepishly grinned and replied yes, knowing I'll probably be coming back for more tacos soon.

Taco T
1065 Windy Hill Road Southeast Smyrna, GA 30080-2005 (Map)
(770) 438-6500

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