Friday, March 19, 2010

Swapna : Smyrna

It was my fiancé's birthday. Unfortunately it was a weekday and she had to attend to a conference call, so I decided to just pick up some take-off.

Inadvertently, I ended up ordering a feast from Swapna, an Indian restaurant, fairly close by my place.

Swapna special combo - The dosa, as with all of the dosas I've had was a buttery, greasy, oh-so-unhealthy delight, particularly combined with some of the sides from the other order.  It may not be apparent from this picture, but the dosa was oh a foot and a half long or so (Must. restrain. myself. from. making. inappropriate. joke).   Now I may have mixed up the sides in this picture, when they actually accompanied the other dinner order. But the sides are: Dal Curry, Sambar, Vegetable Curry, Raita (Home made Yogurt with onions. Tomatoes & Cucumbers) , Rice, Plain Nan, Papadam & rice kheer, all of which were satisfying, but not outstanding.

Palak Paneer (Thali Dinner)  - I ordered saag paneer, but ended up getting palak paneer, which was outrageously full of ghee.  As a result, we hardly made much headway into this.  It was a good thing the naan was as plain as it was.  Btw, the thali dinner just meant that it was accompanied by all of the sides, named above.

Idli & Vada - Idli is the steamed Rice Cake - I love these things. And the vada is a deep fried lentil donut, which is fairly dense and surprisingly is savory, not sweet.  These came with the dosa.

Sambar (?) - I believe this was the sambar and I'm clueless as to whether this came with the dosa or the Palak Paneer.  Decent.

Shrug.  This was not a meal for those at risk of heart disease.  This was greasy and heavy and only for those in the mood for something greasy and heavy.   But hopefully, I'll find some more quality Indian food soon.

2655 Cobb Parkway Southeast Smyrna, GA 30339 (Map)
(770) 956-7589‎

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