Thursday, March 18, 2010

Sublime Doughnuts : Atlanta

Not really sure this is a fair review.  I bought a half-dozen donuts from Sublime Doughnuts, a small doughnut shop in another strip mall that one could easily drive by without noticing.  The inside is fairly nice and has a local coffee shop feel to it.

They stamp this rather cutesy warning on the box itself...

This review might not be fair, because a certain someone, to remained unnamed, stayed at my apartment for spring break and ate all but one of my donuts.

As for the one donut that I did get to eat, I believe a chocolate glazed.  Well, it was okay.  Certainly, it was less sweet than its image would suggest, which was a slight relief.  But it had a well, almost a juiciness to it, with oil seeping out as you bit down into it.  Donuts aren't exactly health food to begin with, but I'm really not sure I would want to emphasize that anti-healthy experience.

Shrug, ahem, based on the one donut, I'm not really sure I'd go back. It does really make me wish that the Pennsylvania Dutch Festival happened more frequently.

Sublime Doughnuts
535 10th Street Northwest Atlanta, GA 30318
(404) 897-1801‎

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