Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Salento : Philadelphia

I have no photos of dishes at Salento. In fact, I have not even eaten there (although I did eat at its sister restaurant, L'Angolo).

But my drunk fiancé is in an obstinate state and is insisting (via Skype) that I plug Salento on my blog. She mentions that the ingredients are fresh, the atmosphere familial (like L'Angolo) and the waiter friendly. Yet, today on a weekday night, it was fairly empty. She says (and I quote) "Tell all of your two readers to go to Salento!"

Oh yeah, she also mentions that she would eat here over Audrey Claire and La Viola, hands-down.

I will be visiting Philly again soon and will most likely follow up with a meal there with her. I imagine that if my fiancé's taste hasn't been overly influenced by the alcohol and if it's anything like L'Angolo, I will probably be updating this post with a similar sentiment.

2216 Walnut Street Philadelphia, PA 19103-5521 (Map)
(215) 568-1314

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