Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Roy's Cheesesteaks : Smyrna

Updated - Jan 2011

Man, maybe I haven't been to Philly in a while, but the order seems to come out surprisingly quickly.

Cheesesteak provolone wit
Provolone only melted on top.  Buns clearly the same as the ones found in Philly.  Something about the meat seems either cheaper-quality, or too thinly sliced that just doesn't jive with me well (think the meat dries up a bit).  Heavy on the pepper.

Mushroom cheesesteak Whiz wit

I think because of the mushrooms and the cheese-wiz, this comes across as juicier. I'm personally still not particularly a fan of the whiz, but that's not something to criticize these guys about.

It looks like they've changed papers since last time; I no longer see any of the sogginess that I encountered last time.

My opinion of this place remains the same - it's still a nice place to have to curb some cravings; but I'm certain the meat in particular wouldn't cut it up in Philly.


I found it interesting that shortly after I visited Roy's Cheesesteaks, I stumbled upon this Philly Mag's article on Wit or Witout (via mefi), and how it breaks the mold of classic Philly Cheesesteak joints.

And well, that was kind of how I felt about Roy's Cheesesteaks in the Atlanta area. (via Blissful Glutton)

Yes, they sell Tasty Kakes here, but something seems all discombobulated.  It's neat, spacious and clean inside.  The menu is clearly demarked.

Oh and did I mention that the guy at the counter was nice and sort of laid-back?  (!)  (!)  (!)

Talk about a mind-trip.  As for the cheesesteak, it was decent.

Mushroom cheesesteak, provolone wit. The hoagie roll although not outstanding was true to what I remember. Pretty juicy, piping hot meat. Nowhere quite as delicious as John's Roast pork, but decently flavored. My main complaint would be the paper wrapper, which despite my opening and eating there two minutes after it was made, seemed to be slightly waterproof, causing condensation from the steaming meat and making the roll a bit soggy.

I don't know.  I guess it's nice that there's a decent cheesesteak around these parts if I get a hankering for one.  But after eating it, it kind of made me miss Philly even more.

Roy S Cheesesteaks
2900 Highlands Pkwy SE, Smyrna, GA 30082-7249 (Map)

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