Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Mercado Acapulco y Taqueria : Atlanta

I think Mercado Acapulco y Taqueria is my first find of Atlanta.   And it was a very humble Mexican mart, located in an area that would never be mistaken for a yuppy locale.  I think I managed to pass by 4 or 5 adult entertainment shops on my way home.

But nonetheless, nestled in the back of this store (and I'm not really sure what it is that I like about eating at grocery stores) is a small kitchen, from where they kick out some pretty darn delicious tacos.

Pastor - Some sort of orange chili pepper flavoring the pork - bold flavor, also juicy.  Tortillas were decently made.  The salsas, cilantro and onions were fairly fresh.
Asada (roast) - The one I was a slightly less enthusiastic about, only because the smaller pellet-sized chunks of meat (beef I think) because of their size, had a bit of toughness to them.  Flavorful, but sometimes it made me feel like I was gnawing a bit.
Lengua - Yum, scrumptious. Juicy, chock full of meat too.  

Best of all, the tacos were $1.50.  Goodness, why can't all tacquerias be like this one?

Yes, this is a few buildings down from Taqueria del Sol.  (That was where I originally was heading, but found it closed, so sorry I can't say which I prefer better at this time.  If Taqueria del Sol is better, my mind will be officially blown.)

Mercado Acapulco y Taqueria
2176 Cheshire Bridge Rd Atlanta GA (Map)

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