Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Maison Robert Fine Chocolates : Atlanta

Maison Robert is located strangely in a random industrial park area.  Yes, there's a bar/restaurant across the street, but driving around here, we didn't see very many residential or non-industrial businesses around.

My best guess is that an old brick building might have been a deal for setting up a chocolate shop/bakery, where you have to keep temperatures fairly exact.

Anyhow, I am stalling.

No matter where, I think that any place needs more French bakeries.   And it's a added bonus, if the pastry chef and counter staff are friendly and welcoming, like they were here at Maison Robert.

But unfortunately, I found the pastries and chocolates to be only slightly above ordinary.

We got ourselves:

A box of chocolates - I've provided a picture of they "key" below.  The chocolates overall were decent, the one I liked the most was the gold foil-wrapped cocoa truffle. The rest were perhaps slightly better than the standard chocolate place you might stumble upon in a touristy area.

Pain au Chocolat -  Very surprising. Intriguingly not very sweet at all. The chocolate texture was not a solid chocolate, but rather a chocolate cake form, making for a less sweet and less intense chocolate flavor. Restrained would be a mild way of putting it. But for something chocolate, this may have been too restrained.

Croissant - Urgh. On the buttery side, where you can feel the butter oozing a bit in your mouth. Decent crunchy texture though.

Opera - Decent chocolate, but comparing this to what we had at Patisserie Claude's, each layer had its own flavor which kicked in at a discrete time.  First you tasted the coffee cream.  That ends.  Then you tasted the cake. That flavor ended. And finally you tasted the chocolate.  Whereas what was delightful about the opera at Patisserie Claude's was the marvelously smooth, decadent and prolonged journey from one flavor to another.

Flourless Chocolate cake - Okay, but nothing particularly special.

Half-baguette - Light, with a crunchy outside, but not spectacular. Strangely, reminding me of some of the better house breads you get at Italian restaurants.

Every time that I am disappointed in a place, my fiancé tells me that I can't expect to always come upon fantastic greatness.  While that may be reality, it does not stop me from wishing that were the case.

It's nice to know that a French chocolate and pastry exists around these parts, but this is not a place I'll be rushing my friends and family to.

Maison Robert Fine Chocolates
5256 Peachtree Road Atlanta, GA 30341
(770) 454-6442

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