Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Lahore Grill : Marietta

Man, I get the feeling my late night dining habits (on the weekends) just don't gel with my surroundings.  It was a Saturday night, at 10 pm on the dot.  I originally was planning to try Umezono, a local Japanese restaurant and got all the way up to the door, where they stated they were open until 10:30 and then was promptly told they were already closed.


It's a good thing I had a backup restaurant in mind; otherwise, I would have been forced to eat at the strip club next door.  (I'm just kidding, honey!)

Anyhow, I end up calling Lahore Grill first to be sure and they said they could only do take-out, at which point, I'm starting to think: "Great, they're taking a the last take-out order before they close.  I am really out in the boonies.  Do people here not get heavily intoxicated on Saturday night and not have the need for a late-night post-drunken eating spot?"

...not that I should talk, since I wasn't drinking and I was just by my lonesome.

Dude, focus, back to the topic on hand.

It turned out that Lahore Grill had been rented out for the night for some sort of private Indian celebration.  As I walked in, a few kids, dressed up in fancy garb, looked up at me, started screaming and ran away.   Haha, what an enjoyable first impression of a restaurant.

As for the food, it was decent.  Nothing spectacular, but solid.

Lamb Korma - Pretty decently spiced, perhaps a bit on the oily side, but not bad.

Naan - more greasy looking than actually was.  Actually had a somewhat non-oily bready texture.

Anyhow, perhaps I'll try this again when it's not so late out and I'm not freaking out little kids.

Lahore Grill
Cobb International Plaza Suite #150 1869 Cobb Parkway S., Marietta, GA 30060 (Map)
(678) 398-9868

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