Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Paco's Mexican Restaurant :

I'm still on the hunt for a solid Mexican place near me. Yes, I dug L1000000, but would be delighted if there was something even closer.  Anyhow, I've essentially been systemically going through the Mexican places I find on Google Maps and came upon Paco's, which had decent reviews.

Tacos (Pork?)  - Standard corn tortillas, perhaps from a nearby store.  Meat on the dryer side, perhaps cooked on spit.  I'm not sure if it was the cold or just the mood I was in, but I inexplicably thought the dryness of the meat was nice, reminding of eating tacos during the warm weather in Mexico.  (I do suspect on another day, I probably wouldn't really like the dryness of the meat so much.)   Interesting accompanying salsa, poblano pepper adding a slight somewhat familiar fruity kick to rest of the ingredients.  Refried beans ok.

Churros - so-so.  The breading felt a bit soaked through.  Not exactly soggy, but limp might be a good descriptor.  And not really a fan of the overly sweetened fruit insides, together with the sugary outside.  Just felt like I was being treated like kid's gloves.    

Shrug.  I guess I'm still looking.

Paco's Mexican Restaurant
5015 Floyd Road Southwest Mableton, GA 30126-1676
(770) 819-4444

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