Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Manner Wafers

My fiancé recently had a trip to Vienna and knowing me too well, instead of buying me a T-shirt or some touristy chotchkee, brought back these Manner Chocolate wafers. Besides the wafers themselves, which are fantastically and brilliantly delish, they come in this awesome 12-pack wafer dispenser.

On the back, you can see exactly how many wafers you have left.  I'm down to 7, only 2 above the danger level.  Oh noes!

As I mentioned above, the actual wafer is quite lovely, the reason being that they 1) actually use good chocolate and 2) put a plentiful amount of said chocolate in.  This makes it such that the texture is more of the (moist? non-dry?) chocolate than of the dry wafer, unlike the American and Chinese wafer snacks, that seem to skimp on the already artificial tasting filling.

I know that I will inevitably hit that sad sad day, when I've run out of the wafers in the dispenser. 

But doing a Google search for Manner Wafers, there seems to be a number of European import stores that sell these and in other various flavors, such as hazelnut, lemon, chocolate covered, and vanilla.  Two places also sell in bulk! I wonder if they sell these dispensers or whether I should keep mine and keep on refilling it like a gigantic awesome Pez-container.

*Update 8/23/11* - Wahh! I want this...

and this...

Manner Wafers

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