Thursday, January 28, 2010

Great Wall : Florence, MA

I'll be posting a few reviews of places in Massachusetts back from my holiday break so long ago in December, after which I'll return to Atlantan places.

A commenter tipped me off about this place, making a statement particularly about their weekend dimsum. We ended up going there just for a dinner, which we found rather disappointing, but I imagine there might be a separate dimsum chef, so this particular write-up may not reflect the possible quality of the dimsum there.

I will start with saying that our waiter was either incompetent or just plain new, kicking off things by saying "our specials today are: peapods, lobster, shrimp or carrots," without going on to explain how each of those specials were cooked and what particular sauces they came with.

The food ranged from mediocre to passable Americanized style.

Salt baked shrimp - A bit overly salty, but decent texture. I liked how the shell wasn't overly crunchy but had some give to it.

Eggplant stone pot - Way oily.  Some ginger and garlic and a very muddy flavor.

Fish - Okay.  A bit on the greasy side and slightly over cooked, hedging more towards americanized Chinese flavor, but decently executed.

Fu pei guen (Stuffed tofu skin) - Again referencing the service, this dish somehow got lost in the shuffle and we were left waiting, without any service telling us the status of the dish. The tofu skin was pan fried with a slightly tangy orange sauce, again leaning towards the Americanized palate side of things.

This was a fairly lengthy drive for my family and based on the dinner, I can't really my family having the faith to come out here again, even if the dimsum is made by a different chef.

Great Wall
176 Pine Street Florence, MA 01062-1252 (Map)
(413) 582-0399‎

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