Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Flying Biscuit Cafe : Sandy Springs

Flying Biscuit Cafe was a place with multiple local locations that was recommended for brunch. We came on a weekday morning and the place was surprisingly hopping. We ended up sitting at the counter and the man manning the counter couldn't possibly have been any nicer to us, giving solid recommendations, offering conversation and just in general providing great service.

Overall, the food was tasty and I suspect a more modern/healthy take on what I imagine Southern cooking to be. Granted, there still seemed to be a butter flavor underlying most of if not all of the things on the plate. Portion-wise, it was somewhat deceptive. The portions don't look that big and it didn't feel overwhelmingly heavy, but we felt full pretty quickly after digging in.

Southern scramble - A nice combo - collard greens damped down by buttery, more loose scrambled eggs. The wheat biscuit had a layer of sugar on top - denser than the few biscuits I've tried, but I did like the wheat biscuit more so than the white one. Just added a drier flavor to it.  The cheese grits, made up of butter, cream, specks of cheddar(?) was nice stuff.  Kind of like steel cut oats in the lumpy texture, except thicker and creamier.  Accompanied by cranberry butter.

Oatmeal Pancakes - breadier, wheatier, somewhat dense than most pancakes. We were told that most locals ate it with the peach compote, but the man at the counter brought us syrup just in case. But we both actually preferred it with the peach compote, the syrup coming across as overly sweet and in contrast to the healthier texture/flavor of the pancakes.

All in all, the brunch was pretty enjoyable. Nothing really jumped out as extraordinary, but certainly the food was solid (if a bit, producing waddle-inducing gait afterwards) and the service we got was quite friendly. I imagine I'll be back again when I get a chance.

Flying Biscuit Cafe
5975 Roswell Road Sandy Springs, GA 30328 (Map)
(404) 252-1182

Multiple other locations around Atlanta

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