Thursday, December 31, 2009

Shiao lan kung (小榄公) : Philadelphia

This was a major miss on my part for not trying this earlier. This was hands down some of the most refreshingly done Cantonese dishes I've had in some time.

Sorry I forgot to download the photos off of my gf's camera, so photos will come later.

It seemed like this is family run. We were seated by a young girl, who returned to another table where others were gathered round, making dumplings.

Steam dumplings (饺子) - We saw them making dumplings, so that was a must-order. And you know, for all of the excitement that soup dumplings (xiao long bao [小笼包]) has generated in the last few years at Sakura and Dim Sum Garden, to me these are just more satisfying. Yeah, there's no piping hot soup inside to potentially squirt across the table at your dining partner. But it's absolute simple scrumptiousness at its best: ground pork and scallions inside a lovely dumpling skin.

Salt/Pepper Full Shrimp w/ skin (椒盐头虾) - Lovely. A light batter, perhaps a bit on the salty side, but well done.

Pea Shoots (豆苗) - Very nicely done. Wonderfully cooked and served with only the tender bits and none of the tough parts.

Orange beef - Tender beef slices. Far beyond any Americanized rendition. Heavy dried tangerine peel lending its sweeter flavor w/ some kick to it if I recall correctly.

I wish I had taken my parents here instead of Tai Lake. While Tai Lake served up decent Cantonese dishes that one wouldn't complain too much about, the stuff here was just noticeably good.

Shiao Lan Kung
930 Race Street Philadelphia, PA 19107-2408 (Map)
(215) 928-0282

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