Friday, December 18, 2009

Mr. Pueblito Grocery : Philadelphia

Continuing on our unintentional multi-cultural blitzkrieg on our stomachs, we stopped at a small Mexican grocery on Passyunk, called Mr. Pueblito and were somewhat surprised by the limited availability of pastries. A quick search for Mexican pastries brings up this webpage, listing some of the various types, many of which were available here.

Chocolate Egg Bread (Pan de Huevo, Chocolate) - Wild, this most likely inspired the Mexican bun (墨西哥包 [example photo]) in Chinese bakeries. The bun was fairly light, but kind of tasting like a dinner roll. The top was kind of interesting: dry crumbly, tasting like a much restrained cocoa powder, but without much of the heavy chocolate flavor.

?? Tart - Tart with the fairly straightforward cream. It's bothering me that I can't quite recall the cream reminds me of: perhaps the cream inside the Chinese bun custard cream filled pineapple bun? (奶黃菠蘿包): slightly eggy, creamy, and with simple sugary sweetness.

The pastries weren't all that astounding, but it was a pleasant surprise to find the availability of Mexican pastries here randomly.  This was somewhat of a moot point, since ten minutes later, we ended up stumbling upon the mother lode of Mexican pastries...

That being said, I will mention that the guy behind the counter was very nice.  My dad ended up buying a few pieces of cacti here and the man here answered a bunch of questions on how to cook it.

Mr. Pueblito Grocery
1121 E Passyunk Ave Philadelphia, PA 19147 (Map)

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