Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Mama's Vegetarian : Philadelphia

Like the stereotypical guy, I'm always a bit wary of vegetarian dishes. Will it be tasty? Will it be filling?

Well, Mama's is pretty solid and satisfying in a quick-eats type of way.

Falafel - Hmm, on its side, this kinda/sorta looks like a burger. In terms of falafel sandwiches, this is pretty filling and more full of flavor than others I've had. The hummus provided a healthy mayo-like texture and jalapeno pepper chunks (?) giving it a good kick. There was plenty of falafel, giving that breading/ground meat type texture and that distinctive flavor.

Lattke - Tasting like a decent pan-fried veggie burger with a nice crusty outside. On the oily side, but satisfying in the way a greasy hash-brown can be. (Kind of similar to texture to a hash brown too)

All in all, Mama's seems to serve up some tasty and filling foods, vegetarian or not. It's not mind-blowing, but in a neighborhood joint / greasy spoon type of way, it's rather satisfying.

Mama's Vegetarian
18 S. 20th Street Philadelphia, PA 19103 (Map)

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