Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Honey's Sit n Eat : Philadelphia

Finally made it out to Northern Liberties, an area I've heard much about, but had yet to have visited.  My dad, gf and I got a chance to try out Honey's Sit n Eat, one of the more well-known and recommended brunch places in Philly.

It sits on an very unassuming corner. Inside, the decor has a rustic 1930's-1950's American deli feel to it, yet the wait-staff and a large number of customers had a youthful, hipster, art-leaning bent.  We went in on a Friday morning at 10'ish and the place was packed.  With an odd party of three, we ended up waiting 10 minutes or so.  I can hardly imagine what the imagine would be on a Saturday or Sunday morning.

The menu is fairly large and a bit wide-ranging, but overall our dishes were solid.

Scrambled Eggs w/ corned beef - Far better than I expected, given that it's just scrambled eggs & corned beef. Corned beef had a slightly tang to it, giving it a unique flavor that contrasted with the eggs.

Pumpkin pancakes - My favorite of all of the dishes, with healthy pumpkin flavor and the crunch of pecans. Not quite as fluffy light or buttery/transcendent as DEP, but flavorful in fuller way.

Brisket omelette - w/ tomatoes, jalapenos, cheddar - My dish was probably the most prosaic of all. The brisket tasted like what I associate with flank steak pieces and were decently tender.  The flavors of the beef together with the jalapeños, perhaps made this a bit more unique than most omelettes, but was not particularly note-worthy. Potato lattke, despite having been well-fried to have a hardened crunchy exterior, was slightly mushy in a veggie burger kind of way inside. That was so-so as well.

Side of brussel sprouts - Cooked in white wine and with almond slivers - A nice counter-balance to more heavy/sweet oriented dishes. (Think like a mini cabbage/Chinese vegetable)

All in all, the meal seemed pretty solid, if not mind-blowing. Certainly, I suspect that if you like the neighborhood, then this might be a beloved neighborhood haunt, but our meal didn't really come across as this being a destination place for foodies.

Honey's Sit n Eat
800 North 4th Street Philadelphia, PA 19123-2207 (Map)
(215) 925-1150

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