Monday, December 14, 2009

Goodbye Philly, Hello Atlanta...

In late December, I'll be moving out of Philadelphia to pursue new adventures in Atlanta. I'm of course excited at this opportunity, but I will freely admit that I have grown quite attached to Philly's idiosyncrasies, its people and of course its food scene. And I am a bit sad that I couldn't have stayed here just a bit longer, if only to whittle down my extensive restaurant to-try list some more.

In any case, in true foodie fashion, I'm trying to barrel through a number of restaurants that I've wanted to try, but just never had the time/money/stomach space for. Philadelphia, here's to you, I hope I'll be back soon.


  1. congrats! is your girlfriend joining you as well?

  2. Thanks! My gf will be in Philly for a little bit longer, so relationship-wise, we'll unfortunately have to do the whole long distance bit. But from a foodie standpoint, I'll still get a chance to visit and eat in Philly off and on.