Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Divan Turkish Kitchen : Philadelphia

Headed south to Divan Turkish Kitchen for some quick take-out and found some simple and very accessible flavors, nicely cooked.

Divan Kofte (Divan's Meat Patties) - Mixed grill of ground lamb and beef patties w/ Turkish spices. Accompanied by thin red onion slices, banana pepper, grilled, rice, grilled tomato, grilled thin pita bread.  The meat patties were notably juicy and tasty in a relatively straightforward way - simple, but satisfying. The rice was moist and slightly flavored. And the accompanying white sauce tasted like a sour cream & chive dip.  Not really anything to write home about, but the beef, rice and pita were cooked well and the vegetables were fresh .

Baklava - Also relatively simple flavors but decently done. Sweetened with light semi-watery syrup, the water damping down the sweetness and the viscosity, adding it a more clear taste.  Also had small pistachio chunks.  The bottom half of the baklava was soaked in the syrup and had a wet texture, contrasting with the drier top half.  Pretty much what you see is what you taste. I wouldn't say it's the best baklava I've had, but satisfying in a straightforward way and I wouldn't complain having some more now.

This was more of a convenience stop, rather than one of the restaurants remaining on my to-try list.  But for those in the neighborhood, you could do much worse.

Divan Turkish Kitchen
918 South 22nd Street Philadelphia, PA 19146 (Map, Corner of Carpenter & 22nd Street)
215.545.5790, 215.545.5792

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