Friday, November 06, 2009

Pho Cali : Philadelphia

We were craving some noodle soup and decided to try out Pho Cali, after having passed by for some many times.

Cha Gio vietnamese spring roll (4)
Not bad. Crunchy, but surprisingly not oily (how do they do that?). Insides an interesting texture, almost as if there's breading inside. Taste-wise, well, it's nothing too afar from what you'd expect of spring rolls.

House Pho
Not bad. The broth is pretty light in flavor, but I think all of the meat somehow seemed slightly tastier than the the pho at Pho75 (in Chinatown).  But I think I'm still looking for an impressive bowl of pho here in Philly.

Bun Thjt Nuong - Grilled pork over vermicelli
The grilled pork had a complex charred flavor. My guess is that it's picked up the flavors of other stuff from the grill, but it's gains a surprisingly subtle and intriguing flavor that way. Together with the fried crispy garlic slices, it was better than the standard Bun.

All in all, this wasn't bad.  The service was responsive and slightly friendlier than your average Chinatown restaurant and the grilled pork bun in particular was intriguing with its charred taste.  But a number of favorites  already and a number of restaurants still to try in Chinatown, I'm not sure when I'll be back here again.

Pho Cali
1000 Arch St Philadelphia, PA 19107-3002 (Map)
(215) 629-1888

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