Tuesday, November 03, 2009

No food on the bus.

It was raining by the time we finished our dinner at Zahav, so I opted to take the bus back home. I was full, happy to have had a good meal and content to be on a dry bus.

A few stops ahead, a kid (maybe high school age), got on with a soggy pizza box, which normally isn't something memorable. Only a few seconds later, the bus-driver started yelling:

"Hey!! In the back, put the food away."

A few seconds later.

"Hey!! You, in the back!! Yeah I'm talking to you, put the food away."


"Hey!! Yeah, you! PUT THE FOOD AWAY!!"

Other passengers curiously glance at the back of the bus. It was the kid with the soggy pizza box, looking defiantly back at the driver. He looked like he was going to go back to his food the minute the driver started driving again.

Finally, the driver stopped the bus, got up and walked to the back.

"Hey! I asked you before. You can either put away the food or get off the bus!"

More curious glances from the passengers. The driver goes back to driving, but the kid isn't going to let it go, cussing at the driver and throwing in some terms derogatory towards homosexuals...

Which ended up ruffling the feathers of a fellow passenger.

"Would you stop using those terms? Those are incredibly insulting."

Which led to an argument between the two.

"Shut up, man. Just shut up. I wasn't talking to you. I don't even know you."

The other passengers at this point have started to nervously laugh, to exchange increasingly awkward glances and to whisper/describe the situation to others on their cell phones. A more anxious couple departs at the nearest bus-stop. A few minutes later, the bus driver, without a word, steps off the bus...

...and returns with a couple of large, stern cops, who proceed to yell at the kid to get off the bus. After shouting back at the cops, the kid is grumpily led off the bus and back into the rain with a half-eaten slice of pizza in a soggy box.

I'm not sure why I brought this up.

Clearly the kid's reaction was rash and stupid, and I applaud the driver (and the passenger) for not taking any nonsense from him.

But thinking from the kid's perspective for a second, it just sucks to be sopping wet, to finally be able to get in somewhere dry and to not be able to enjoy your food. I mean, that's almost a primal feeling of enjoyment.

I understand the reasoning behind the rule prohibiting food on the bus, but it was just another one of those city experiences that was a little saddening that things didn't somehow work out better and that seemed especially affecting, having just enjoyed a fine meal myself.

Anyways, I'll get back to more food tomorrow.

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