Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Yummy Yummy : Philadelphia

My gf and I finally got a chance to check out Yummy Yummy, the new take-out/snack place in Chinatown.

So I definitely like the idea of what they're doing, selling steamed buns, various pre-packaged dimsum dishes, take-out noodles, and a handful of sweet snacks.  But I think the main factor for whether they succeed or not is whether they can figure out how to continually churn out hot and fresh stuff.

As things stand now and this is based on a 2pm visit, there was good and bad, but I was more on the slightly disappointed side that things were not fresher.   Perhaps, however, it's a matter of getting there earlier in the day as I noticed that their 3 bins of noodles were all nearly empty.   (They had stir-fried rice noodles (米粉), fried silver needle noodles (银针粉) and I'm forgetting what other noodles they had, perhaps fried wide noodles (干炒牛和?) ) .

Anyways, the good things about the place:

Fried cake eggs (蛋糕子?, ji dan zai ?) - This is what gives the places the great smell.  They pour a cake-like batter into a machine that's exactly like a waffle maker, except the iron plates have sphere shaped indentations the size of a ping-pong ball.

They're a cheap and delish snack and are without a doubt, one thing I can recommend without hesitation.  The girl actually mistakenly left ours in a bit too long, giving them a crunchier than normal texture (usually they have more of a cake texture), but was quite apologetic and offered to remake them.

As a side note, with the crunchy texture and the particular batter they used, these actually reminded me a lot of the fresh egg rolls (biscuit rolls) my Mom used to infrequently make for my family.  It was a pain to make them, since she, distrusting having the deep-fryer in the house, would make them in the garage.  In addition,  for some reason, the idea usually occurred during the hot summer months and the deep-frying would make the garage, a complete hot sweltering place to be.  In any case, I distinctly remember my Dad, brother and I struggling to resist eating the entire batch of biscuit rolls as soon as they came out so as to leave some for my poor Mom to eat.

Anyways, get these and eat them while they're still fresh.

Radish cake (萝卜糕)  - They sell pre-packaged dimsum snacks to go in plastic-wrapped styrofoam containers.  We brought the radish cakes home and despite them being fairly greasy, re-pan fried them.

Once re-heated, these actually were quite decent,  with a very home-made taste and texture, where you could actually taste the radish.  It was somewhat drier than most radish cakes, almost as if there were glutinous rice or some sort of solidifier in the mix.  It was also slightly saltier than usual and perhaps even had some white pepper as well.  While there wasn't that much dried shrimp and sausage, the cake was fairly satisfying on its own and the little bits of dried shrimp and sausage were kind of bonus.

And as for the not-so-great.

Garlic Chive Dumpling (韭菜盒子) -  To be fair, we did not reheat these at home like the radish cakes.  We were so hungry when we arrived that, we just ended up just unwrapping these and eating this there.  And then and there, these were cold and just so-so in taste.

Big Bun (大包) - Yes, the literal Chinese name for this is big bun and it's certainly big, the size of my fist.  We also ate this there and it has a pork meatball and an egg yolk inside. This is actually very similar to the buns I sometimes fail at making at home, in its simplicity of ingredients inside.  I think this was what I was looking forward to and disappointed by the most, since it was just luke-warm.  I'm hoping that in the least, they get some way of cranking out freshly steamed buns on order.

Anyhow, I really hope this place succeeds, because it'd be great to have a complementary place to Heung Fa Chun, which makes quick-serve, hot and fresh stuff.

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A heads up for any Chinese food fans.  I spotted a new place in Chinatown called Yummy Yummy on 10th st, just south of Arch St (right next to QT sandwiches in fact).

I was absolutely stuffed from eating somewhere else so I didn't end up buying anything here, but I did take a look around inside.  They appear to be selling small Chinese munchies, ranging from steamed buns to dumplings to those fried cake balls that Chinese street vendors sell (I cannot for the life of me recall the name right now), all of which looked fairly fresh and which smelled fantastic.

I'm sure I'll try this out next time I'm in Chinatown, but has anyone else tried this out yet?

Yummy Yummy 
52 N 10th St. Philadelphia PA (Map)
($Chinese, $Philadelphia)

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  1. I didn't stop in, but I did walk by this yesterday. It smelled AMAZING.